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Do you have Pain, Anger, Denial, or Trust Issues?


The loss of a loved one through death or divorce can be very tramatic, yet unique to each individual....

BE Volunteers Help By...


Sharing stories of personal loss, survival, strength, and success; they listen to your story, while providing words of encouragement and emotional support.

The Need is Real... Become a BE Team Member Volunteer...


Beginning Experience is a wonderful program that helps individuals hurting from the loss of a relationship through separation, divorce, or death.  Our local chapter needs to increase our staff of BE participant volunteers.  Expanding our team will allow us to continue our current adult programs, and expand into other programs needed within our community, such as the youth weekend.  


The pain from loss of a parent through separation, divorce or death for our children is very real and their unresolved feelings are shaping their future...  (We are in need of BE Participant volunteers to provide the Teen Weekend Event!)

YouTube - Teen Testimonials:












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