"I wanted to share with you the amazing weekend I had! It all happened because my Aunt Vi shared with me about some classes, she was taking called Coping with Life Alone. At first, I thought, why do I need a class like that? I’ve been divorced for a very long time and I’m sure I’ve dealt with and processed everything I needed to associate with that loss. But she really thought I could get a lot out of it so I thought I’d give it a try. Through the six weeks I was amazed to realize that there was a lot of things I was still holding onto. Mostly, the failure I felt as a woman for having 2 failed marriages. To follow that up there was a weekend event called Beginning Experience. I have to say that weekend was the preverbal icing on the cake. It literally changed my life, in the short space of 3 days. What I discovered through sharing and journaling that there were scars that went much deeper than I realized. I was finally able to forgive myself, to stop blaming myself and to realize that because those marriages did work out, didn’t mean I was less of a person nor less of a woman. I also realized my self-worth in Christ and that I am a child of the king. I am royalty and He loves me, just as I am because in His eyes, I am always worth of His love. Through Grace I am forgiven, and there really is a fresh start for me. As I shared in my small group, I check my baggage I had carried around for so very long and ready to never pick it up again. I feel that I had built of my wall of unworthiness so strong that I wouldn’t even let God in so He could heal me and love me as only He can do. With those walls broke down, I have been set free! Everything looks brand new and I am so excited to step into my future and claim all that God has planned for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aunt Vi! And thank you to everyone involved in the Coping with Life Alone and Beginning Experience. My life is forever changed!" ~Robin~

" I thought I could work through my emotional discomfort on my own and for the most part that was true.  My healing from divorce [was] dragging along, I needed help, a boost to finish the process.  After my brother-in-law told me several times about B.E., I finally called.  It took me a while to understand what I learned at B.E. Ultimately, the Beginning Experience process helped me to help myself."    ~ Greg G. ~    


"Beginning Experience enabled me to go through the grief at the end of my marriage with a better understanding of myself. As a bonus, I gained new friends from the team members in the process."    ~ Joan B. ~


"Beginning Experience showed me that there is life after divorce.  I was mourning the loss of what I thought marriage was.  I realized my life was not over, but it was just a new beginning for change."    ~ Cindy L. ~


"After being blindsided by a divorce, I was forced to live in a car for three years, and I learned that my whole marriage was based on a lie.  It took 7 years to obtain the divorce and partial settlement.  During this time I realized I needed to returned to church and I help in releasing the anger that was building up inside of me.  By attending the retreats, I have been working through my anger issues, learning to forgive myself, and to trust again."    ~ MM ~


“I am a widower.  My wife succumbed to cancer in July 2001.  I was given counseling through my medical provider, but the healing part was just not working.  In April 2002, I responded to an ad in my church bulletin and registered for a weekend retreat, for the following May.  It was called Beginning Experience. I didn't know what to expect, but was open to whatever was going to happen that weekend.  Initially, I sensed that most of the team leaders and participants were divorcees.  I wondered how this would fit into MY condition.  I soon discovered that going through a divorce was far more agonizing than a loss by death.  Throughout that first weekend, I had empathy for the team members as they "poured their guts out" in their readings.  Healing is an ongoing process.  I was invited to join the team.  I was then able to give back what I had received and to continue my own healing."    ~ Paul F. ~

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